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My Business Broadband is too slow… What are my upgrade options?

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Our team field queries every day on broadband speeds, uptime, downtime and more – companies and staff frustrated with their speeds or consistency of bandwidth during peak times.

Broadband connectivity really is crucial for your business and understanding what you currently pay for, what you currently receive and what you should really be getting can be a bit of a maze.

One thing is for sure, we consume more data now than ever before and a lot at the same time.  Even if you don’t think things have changed that much in your data usage as a business over the past year or so we would happily bet otherwise.

Staff using WIFI, Cloud Services such as Emails or Accountancy packages, more web browsing (web pages are larger than before), online video, social media etc… all munch into your bandwidth and slow down your business.  This is not like a mobile phone contract where you are allowed a certain quantity of Gigabytes per month, this is speed, download speed and upload speed and how that spreads out amongst your employees and possibly even your neighbours as the working day comes and goes.

The key is to maintain top speeds, and have enough speed / bandwidth to cope with your business needs at all times.  We also need to minimise downtime.  What happens when your broadband go down – staff twiddling thumbs until its live again is a nightmare for bosses.

Our chart helps identify a few of your options and outlines some key features and numbers for you.  To download the PDF click here.

Business Broadband Upgrade Options

What do each of these mean?

ADSL – ‘asymmetric digital subscriber line’ is your home style broadband pre fibre. Comes to you via the copper phone line that connects your home phone.  Speeds are usually around 8Mb.  It used to be enough for homeowners to surf the web, but with internet TV, gaming and more it is no longer enough.

ADSL2 – Not a lot different than standard ADSL but a slight increase in speed to around 12mb per second.  Still not enough for homeowners these days, let alone business.

FTTC – Fibre-to-the-cabinet is a type of fibre broadband. Fibre optic cables run from the exchange green roadside cabinets. Then copper to the business.  It is faster than ADSL but importantly does not come with an SLA.

FTTC Enhanced – As above, but with Service level agreements in place to protect you should your broadband line fail (for example roadworks hit a cable and kill your broadband)

EoFTTC – Ethernet over Fibre-to-the-Cabinet again uses the existing copper cables, but unlike the above EoFTTC is uncontended.  This means you don’t have to share your bandwidth with other local internet users in your area. Crucially, it also comes with a 7 hour SLA (guaranteed fix time).

Ethernet 100mb – Again, uncontended.  It’s yours only.  A 4 hour repair SLA and superb speed.

Ethernet / Dedicated / Gigabit line – Ultra-fast gigabit broadband with speeds of up to 1Gbps – 4 hour SLA – Dedicated lines, easily up to 250 Users and government grants available.


Send us a message, kick off a live chat or give our team a call, we can help work out your current package, what options you have and what you should be considering to ensure your team have the connectivity they need to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.