business broadband acronyms explained

Business broadband – When is ‘Fibre’ not really Fibre

business broadband acronyms explained

Isn’t it just business broadband? Not really, we have Fibre, hybrid fibre, part fibre, FTTC, FTTH, FTTP, Gigabit, and HFC DOCSIS.  

With all those in the mix, we certainly understand why it is simple to become confused when considering or discussing business broadband.

In the purest form, the word ‘fibre’ in our industry relates to the transfer of data through light.  Light is an extremely fast medium for data transfer, hence the enhanced speed vs copper networks.

The word ‘fibre’ to broadband has become the go-to way to describe a modern fast broadband connection. Even if it isn’t entirely the case from start to finish.

Where and how much fibre exists in that delivery network through to the end user is what is clouding the matter and causing some disruption in the industry.  Speed enhancements are great for us all. But it helps to understand what is what when you discuss your next broadband install for your business.

In light of these developments and the ongoing release of more and more full fibre networks you can understand why the likes of CityFibre are hoping to get the advertising / naming conventions tweaked or tightened. After all they are the ones creating these new networks and offering immense speeds such as gigabit and even terabit  For more information check out the article below.

The reality for us, our customers and prospects is that you may or may not be able to get full fibre yet. But with the correct approach to selling (from our team) you will know what you are getting and what you can really expect.

If you have any questions about your existing connection, feel like your speeds are down, are looking to upgrade your business broadband or want to discuss the gigabit scheme and the potential to get up to £2500 funding on a gigabit install then please get in touch today by calling our team on 0333 2200 555 or hopping on live chat.