Gigabit Rollout

Gigabit Internet Rollout In Worthing

Gigabit Rollout Reading Time: < 1 minute

We are delighted to let you all know that 5 Rings has been invited by Zen (one of our current national broadband providers) to officially help with the very exciting roll out of Gigabit broadband connections to residential households in the Worthing area.

This will transform Worthing into one of the world’s best digitally connected cities. This new Gigabit roll out around the UK is being started in both Worthing and Newcastle from January 2021. Go to the  website for more information.

These Gigabit broadband connections will offer around 900 Mb/s up & down (up to 20 times faster) compared to the average 50 M/bs down & 15 Mb/s up speeds from current providers like BT & Virgin. These Gigabit broadband connections will only cost £40.00 per month with a free router and no set up costs or line rental costs. At the moment, these Gigabit connections will only be for residential services, but business connections will be offered later in 2021.

If you or you know of anyone in the Worthing area that would like to have this Superfast Gigabit broadband service, phone us on 01903 946388 or go to

As well as the exciting gigabit broadband rollout, we still provide first-rate IT Services & Support, Telecoms & Broadband, Digital Marketing, Energy & Security. Use the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with our team or call us on 0333 2200 555 to speak to one of our team about how we can help you.