Warehouse WIFI Coverage Sussex

Installing and Improving your Warehouse / Facility WIFI – The need for speed (and reliability)!

Warehouse WIFI Coverage Sussex Reading Time: 2 minutes

Connectivity in the warehouse, factory or the shop floor is becoming ever more important as our devices / systems and staff need data to do their jobs. Whether it is for employee comms, stock systems or manufacturing devices the 21st Century shop floor, warehouse or manufacturing facility needs highly reliable wifi and data covering the entire floor.

Unlike most offices (more and more open plan) that have little to get in the way of a ‘good’ wifi signal warehouses are busy, multifaceted areas, often comprising of pockets and zones which are tough to get signal too.  They are taller, wider, have stock in them, racking, machinery and more…

So how do you get a good WIFI coverage?
Stepping right back to system specification and requirements of the network is key.  Then looking at the devices that currently sit on it along with devices that could sit on it.  If your existing equipment / scanners are old and built for legacy connection types then a modern access point infrastructure will not boost the speeds if the device cant access it. Sometimes a device upgrade is all that it takes, sometimes firmware updates are required. Most often though, the correct combination of access points, setup and devices will yield the results, reliability and speeds you are chasing. A good survey from an expert (along with your help and experience of your facility) will help set the requirements and review the current setup.

Don’t forget, it’s important to consider how busy the facility could get, how full of stock it could become, and then over spec your network to futureproof.

Locations of the devices are also key. Some facilities need all connectivity at ground level, some have multiple floors or mezzanines and others have the ability for workers to use devices in the air (man up forklifts for example). So coverage, up and down, as well as floor wide may need to be in your plans.

Warehouse WIFI Sussex We’ve just finished commissioning full WIFI coverage at the second of two warehouses that needed system upgrades to cope with growth and advances in their software packages and processes.  The installations both utilise ubiquiti managed wifi devices installed in a variety of location types, including; Wall mount, Ceiling Mount and Rack mounted. The setups, once provisioned by our team have provided complete meshed and managed WiFi solutions for the clients.

If you are considering a fully meshed and managed WiFi solution for your facility then give our team a shout today – start a live chat, fill in our contact form or give us a call on 0333 2200 555