Navigating A Business Through Covid 19

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The day to day running of a business has always offered plenty of challenges and hurdles, but what if we add in a global pandemic into the mix? The Covid-19 outbreak has sadly proven destructive for many businesses and sectors, with many others facing uncertainty over their future – even as restrictions begin to lift.

At 5 Rings Group, we have endeavoured to meet the challenge of Covid-19 head on and taken the opportunity to review our current processes as well as implementing new ones. We have also grasped the opportunity to work even more closely with our suppliers to manage costs and terms to ensure our client services are not impacted by the lockdown and changes to working habits.

Internally, we have improved our one-to-one communication with staff via regular Microsoft Teams meetings and our regular bi-weekly Quiz, both of which have helped foster higher levels of motivation and productivity. We have also been delighted at how flexible our superb team have been when it comes to taking on new tasks and roles, with some staff being taken completely out of their typical day-to-day roles for the benefit of the business.

At Director level, our day-to-day communication has not just been maintained but has improved as we review the structure of the business and future strategies. We are certainly not immune to the challenges that the pandemic and subsequent lockdown has presented, but with hard work, determination and a desire to continually be flexible, we are set to come out the other side in a strong position.

In terms of our valued customers, we have been in regular contact with them to review their services and costs, to see if we can help them further during the lockdown period and allow them to manage their own costs without negatively impacting the services we provide to them. Our fundamental philosophy thoughout has been one of ,”We’re all in this together and it’s in all our interests to help each other come out the other side!”.

As well as helping manage customers costs we have been highlighting opportunities for them to adopt new technologies, not just during lockdown but also as they return to ‘normal’. For example, the increased usage of Microsoft teams (which many have access to as part of their 365 subscriptions) has meant greater communication and collaboration for their colleagues and contacts.

We are also planning to re-structure our Account Management teams which will give more customers a direct point of contact for their services. This will enhance relationships and promote better, more regular contact between us and our customers. We will have more information on this as this plan evolves.

As always, we are happy to discuss with you any query or interest for your Telecoms, IT Services, Digital Marketing, Energy Services and Security Systems. Give us a call on 0333 2200 555 and we’ll keep you going through lockdown and beyond.