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Considering a new supplier for your Business Lines and Calls?

For the majority of businesses, reducing expenditure on phone lines and calls will be very high on their list of priorities when looking to switch business phone provides. In addition to this, many businesses who are still using ISDN lines will be looking at moving to some form of SIP or Hosted Telephony.

Why choose us for your Business Lines?

We can typically offer savings of 30-40% compared to BT and other major carriers. We also offer all potential business customers a free audit on their existing telecoms. It’s a very simple process and most customers are surprised by how much they can save. No matter what lines you have we offer a completely seamless, pain-free transfer service, should you choose to join us.

Single analogue lines

Single analogue lines are the most basic solution, mainly used for making calls, connecting to fax machines and receiving broadband.

Multi line analogue

Multi line analogue lines will give you additional lines on which to receive calls. If a call comes through and the first line is engaged, the call will simple reroute to the second line.


ISDN2e is a single, high-quality digital line that uses different channels for voice, video, faxing or data. You can add additional circuits to your network, allowing you to have a number of connections working at the same time. It also allows you to allocate separate phone numbers (DDI’s) to your users.


ISDN30 is typically used by larger companies as it has all the features of ISDN2e but can support between 8-30 lines.

ISDN lines are now being phased out and the ISDN network is due to be switched off within the next 3-5 years. If you are still using ISDN then you be considering alternative types of technology such as SIP trunks or Hosted Telephony.


On average we reduce customers’ costs by 30%. The process is very simple and straight forward. We analyse copies of your telephone line, broadband, system and maintenance and mobile bills, and identify areas for potential savings. You are under no obligation to use us for your telecoms but most customers do end up switching to us.

What our clients say about us

“Our telecoms have been looked after by 5 Rings for 10 years and we were very used to working with Guy.  It was music to our ears when we heard that all the support staff were cross trained and could deal with any enquiry from any customer, as this was something we'd definitely come up against before with other providers. Now we know that if Guy isn't around, we need not panic as anyone can look up our service package and support us with any Telecoms or IT issue at any time.”

Matt Jacobs, Director, Jacobs Steel

The benefit of our Business Lines
  • Typically cheaper than your current supplier
  • Personalised support with unparalleled levels of customer service
  • One point of contact for all of your support
  • Proactive approach ensuring your systems keep pace with your needs
  • Extensive experience working with SMEs helping us to really understand your needs
  • Designed, managed and supported by our expert team
Can I get your Business Lines for my business?

We provide a broad range of business landline and call solutions for a variety of sectors. We typically work with SMEs who are unsure about the quality of service they are receiving from their current telecoms provider, looking to switch to cloud based telecoms or are keen to upgrade their system.