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What would the implications and costs to your business be if…

You lose your internet connection. Have a power cut, flood or staff can’t get into the office or your telephone system breaks down. We have worked with a large number of companies who have business continuity options in place for data, IT and employees. But telecom and phone system disaster recovery and business continuity are just as important (if not more). If your customers, suppliers, and employees can’t get hold of you would you still have a business?

Do you have a business continuity strategy in place?

Each business has their own approach to risk and evaluates the threat of losing their phone and internet differently. Every business should at least consider certain scenarios in order to maintain business as usual in the event of disaster.

We provide disaster recovery and failover solutions for every type of scenario imaginable.

Multiple/back-up internet connections

Multiple or back-up connectivity gives you peace of mind knowing that if your primary connection goes down, a back-up connection will kick in. It is smart to use different Internet Service Providers (ISP), just in case connection issues as not network related but come from the ISP.

Automatic failover

Automatic failover allows a system to automatically switch data handling to a standby system in the event of a system compromise. It allows for immediate off-site handling of database and server setups, ensuring seamless operations if the original system is damaged in anyway.

Cloud based telephone systems

Cloud based telephone systems (Voice-Over-IP) use the internet to make calls instead of the traditional copper wire. This makes them the perfect alternative if your landline is damaged as they only need power and an internet connection to operate.

Telephone recovery plans

Telephone recovery plans enable your business to answer the question, “what if?” It sets out a strategy that would kick into place if the event of a phone outage. Plans include diverting calls to other numbers simultaneously, including other landlines or mobiles. This enables your staff to continue receiving calls to your landline, even with no telephone line or system.

What our clients say about us

“5 Rings recently proved again what an invaluable supplier they are when we had a major issue with our e-mail server at our head office. The server completely failed and we were left with no capability to send or receive email – this was an extremely critical business service for us. 5 Rings collected the faulty server immediately and worked through the night to recover it – eventually cloning the server onto a new piece of hardware and getting us up and running with minimal downtime.”

Martin Beames, Partner, Wannop & Fox Solicitors LLP

The benefit of our Disaster Recovery and Failover
  • Designed, managed and supported specifically for you
  • Peace of mind in the event of disaster
  • Maintain business as usual should the worst happen
  • Proactive, first class support from our experienced team
Can I get your Disaster Recovery and Failover?

We provide a broad range of disaster recovery and failover solutions for a variety of sectors. We typically work with SMEs who are unsure about the quality of service they are receiving from their current provider or are keen to upgrade their systems.