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Content is king! For Search Engine Optimisation, for your Customers, and for You

Search engines like Bing & Google like to ensure that their customer (the searcher) is being shown the right results. Results that match the search, results that engage and results that invoke an action. The engines will give themselves a pat on the back, and your site a brownie point if that happens.  But they will see themselves as failing if they serve your site up in the results page and the searcher clicks, visits but turns away to find another. Negative points will drop you down the ranks, you'll have to pay more for adverts and you'll lose Google trust.  Google may decide not to show you for that term again and you'll have to work hard to win that trust back.

Aside from the quality of your website build and its Search Engine Optimisation one major element you must focus on is content. You’ve probably got a Content Management System behind your site allowing you to make updates without knowing any coding.

Your CMS allows you to add fresh, interesting, engaging and converting content.

If you have one but are unsure how to use it, then visit our CMS training page

If you have not got one, it is time to get in touch to talk about getting you one!

Your competitors are probably updating their content right now!

“I already do pay per click to drive people to my site" or "I think my website is set up well for SEO” we here you say. That’s great, and hopefully you are benefiting greatly from the work you have put in.  But long lasting results come when you couple these assets with a great digital marketing strategy and that includes content.

Did you know that over 4 million blog posts are published on the Internet every day! 99% of those will probably be completely unrelated to your world, but if you are not changing, updating and adding to your content then you are not standing still, you are falling behind…

Content lives forever in the world of Google (well we think it will anyway).  So…it is time for a content marketing strategy that will drive traffic to your site. Ensuring you reach your target customers with quality, cost-effective, compelling content and information. The 5 Rings team are here to help you create, help inspire and help deliver quality content to your visitors / prospects.

Check out our content / blogging kick starter packs below.

Free Digital Audit

Book a slot with our expert team to discuss your digital world.  We will cover all aspects of your website, hosting, maintenance, IT support, search engine marketing and more.

Blog Engine Installation

Adding a blog / news engine to your website shouldn't be too much trouble. Get in touch with us today to discuss your site and let us look into it for you.

Content Marketing Review

Get in touch, come and see us, or we'll visit you to discuss your website marketing and content strategy. Providing insights and opportunities for us to work together is what we do best and we'd love to help you plan your content and website development.

5 Pack Blogger Kickstart - £175

Finding it hard to know what to blog? This pack creates and schedules 5 blogs get you going. Ideas you had not considered and inspiration for future blogs as well as some instant Search Engine benefit. No contracts, just a great opportunity to test the water.

10 Pack Blogger & SM Kickstart - £295

10 blogs written and scheduled to get you going, pinging those blogs off to your social media followers and a real boost your search engine rankings.  No contracts, just a great opportunity to test the water.

10 Video Blog (Vlog) Pack

Video content is crucial now.  It is cross-platform and can be shared everywhere. It engages and shows authority.  Our 10 pack videos are short videos where you and your team answer some crucial industry questions.  You’ll be amazed how simple these are to put together and how effective they are across your marketing channels including social media.

Social Media Kick Off £100

10 days of social media (one channel), 10 social media posts, 10+ follows, 10+ interactions and a end of 10 report.

Why are Videos and Social Media on this Page?

Video Content and Social media all form part of a content strategy.  Video is one of Googles favourite platforms (they do own Youtube you know), and Social Media allows you to share your new content, existing content, and content from others that benefits you or your customers. It also allows others to share on your behalf.

Its time to increase engagement, increase visitors on your website and enhance your presence through content.

Of course, as with all things 5 Rings, we are here to listen to you and deliver a package that suits. So if you don’t see what you like above then please contact us today to discuss your exact needs.