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Looking after the lifeblood of your business through systems and process drives so many benefits your way.

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CRM – ‘Customer Relationship Management’ Consultancy

At 5 Rings we are a technology led firm who work with a vast array of clients utilising a broad spectrum of business systems to provide their customers the best possible service.

We eat, sleep and breathe systems, efficiency and productivity and love real world problem solving.  We’ve done it for ourselves many times and are extremely excited about helping you!

Impartial advice from a team who have been there.

Our advice on specifying, choosing, installing, deploying and using your CRM software is aimed at realising the maximum benefit for your company and it’s stakeholders.

Our independent CRM consultancy service provides guidance and assistance no matter where you are in your journey.

Our user adoption, training and ongoing support consultancy is often all it takes to get your project over the finishing line and for you to really start reaping the rewards.

Important note:  Our advice is impartial.  The offering is not clouded by existing vendor relationships or reseller programmes.  We will offer, support and deliver the CRM that is right for you.

Considering starting a CRM project?

This is a great time to get us involved.  How do you gain prospects, convert them into clients, develop relationships and retain those customers?  How does this fit with strategic goals and where would a CRM sit in the quest to achieve them?  We will work with you to define your current methods and visualise the future benefits of a CRM package.

We will create a concise report of how CRM can play a critical part in your business, along with some next steps towards the CRM goal.

Got a CRM but are not reaping the rewards you know you should

You are not alone here. CRM usage is on the up, it’s a buzzword and a desire for many business owners to add a CRM package. It’s not quite as simple as that though.  CRM is an ethos change, a large shift in process and we all know that change is not always welcome or embraced. Your CRM may not be fit for purpose, your team may need re-education and training, your usage may not fit your business goals or processes.

They’ll be plenty to discuss as we work together to turn it around and get your CRM working for you in the way we know it should.

Already begun your project but it just needs pushing along or finishing

Again, this is a position many find themselves in.  In reality most CRM’s need some real structure to their deployment, ongoing training and management.  Small changes as a result of our workshops are likely to push your system forward far quicker than internal meetings where your teams have other things on their mind.  Likewise, bringing in an external body to find out what’s frustrating your sales force is far more likely to yield positive feedback than your internal deployment contact. The feedback can be used to help correct system flows and re-invigorate your teams.

How do these projects usually work?

At 5 Rings we work with you to specify, deliver and support the right tools to take your business forward.  CRM is superb when leveraged correctly but the devil really is in the detail and the planning.  Our projects follow a standard path but will be designed around your exact needs.

  • Feasibility Review & Planning
  • Requirement Identification and System Specifications
  • Software Proposal and subsequent Selection
  • Deployment Program / Project Planning & Management
  • Strategic System Review
  • CRM training and support

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