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Organising secure (SSL) hosting services for your website has just got a bit easier.

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Web hosting should be simple right?

You pay for a bit of space on a server and when someone types in your web domain or website address your lovely site shows on their screen.

But there's a lot behind the scenes. Google and the other search engines want your site to be secure, they want it to load fast and they don’t want it to contain any malware or spyware.

It's not just the engines who like all these things, the user does too. If your site is slow or insecure then you will drop down the rankings and you will lose visitors, sales and maybe even your loyal customers.

It's time to ensure your web hosting is in the best possible hands and speak to 5 rings.

With UK data centres and UK hosting you can trust us to ensure your web presence is up there with the best

We offer great hosting packages but also offer security and maintenance as well. Give us a call today to find out more.

I know I need hosting, but I'm not sure what type? And I have no idea how to move hosts?

Hosting is simple, but everything that surrounds it is fairly tricky to those who do not do it every day. Many website owners stay where they are simply because it is far easier to do that than it is to move it.

Contact us today to discuss. Lets run a digital audit and aim to this problem and potentially a few others off your hands.

We can manage the migration, upgrade to SSL (where appropriate) and ensure your switch is hassle-free and rewarding.

Free Digital Audit

Book a slot with our expert team to discuss your digital world.  We will cover all aspects of your website, hosting, maintenance, IT support, search engine marketing and more.

Hosting from £10 p/month

Your website, hosted on UK servers. Controlled by our skilled team. With control panel access for you or your web team.

SSL Hosting from £12 p/month

SSL hosting is not far from being a standard requirement.  It protects sensitive information such as credit card data, usernames, passwords etc. It also keeps data secure between servers, helps with Google ranks, builds customer trust. Contact us today to discuss your hosting.

Fully Secure & Managed Hosting

Our security managed hosting packages are perfect for those who are not experienced in website management. Keeping your site secure, up to date, free from hackers and most importantly, online! Visit our security packages page now.

Somewhere in the region of 30,000 to 50,000 Websites are hacked every day!

All websites and hosting servers are prone to attack. You may think there is no point hacking your site, but hackers most often do not care where they place their code or who's hosting they use to mine data from. If your website has been hacked or taken down you'll understand the pain and the lost hours or money getting it live again.

Full pro-active maintenance and security packages (which include hosting) are available from £35 per month – See our Site Maintenance and Security Page for more information. We certainly advise these services as a way to protect your site from hackers, problems, and from unwanted downtime or costly fixes.

We even off the above, but inclusive of website content update in our content management hosting solutions (the full works!).

Whatever it is you need, we are ready to talk.  Why not get in touch or book a slot to chat on the phone or onsite.