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Are you getting the best deal on your business electricity?

As your contract comes to an end it’s easy to just renew with your current provider, but this will lead to you paying too much for your business electricity. Don’t just roll over.

We can save you money, whilst doing all the leg work

It can be a hassle searching for the cheapest deals, but we’ll do all that for you.

We search for your current supplier against our matrix to find the best price for you. Once we’ve found the most suitable and cost-effective suppliers, we use our buying power to negotiate directly with them to drive down their prices even further. We then provide you with the results so you can decide which supplier you prefer.

Most competitors do this with a selection of suppliers. But we do it all suppliers so you can be confident the prices we offer are the best.

The benefit of using our Business Electricity service
  • No need for you to compare prices, we do all the leg work
  • We work with all suppliers, not a select few
  • Our buying power means we can save you money
Can I use your Business Electricity service?

We typically work with SMEs who are unsure about the quality of service they are receiving from their current supplier or are keen to save money.