Disaster Recovery

Reliable solutions, should the unexpected happen

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What would you do if all your IT systems went down?

What would happen to your business if you had a power cut, flood or fire that damaged your IT systems? What would happen if you lost access to your data or you suffered a cyber-attack? What would the cost be to your business? Could you still operate?

Businesses now need to consider a wide range of scenarios in order to implement a 'business as usual' strategy after a potential digital disaster.

We provide Disaster Recovery and Failover solutions, should the unexpected happen.

Why choose our Disaster Recovery solutions for your business?

We provide disaster recovery solutions for every type of scenario. We’ll help you understand and evaluate the risks to your business and provide a solution tailored to you.

Disaster Recovery to match your budget

We provide varying levels of disaster recovery and we’re confident we can find the right solution for you, no matter your budget. The solutions could include:

  • Offsite Data Back-up
  • Co-Location
  • Mirroring
  • Cloud based applications (including Office365)

Complete solution, company-wide

We can offer a complete, company-wide solution with a SLA to ensure your business remains functional in the event of a disaster.

What our clients say about us

“5 Rings recently proved again what an invaluable supplier they are when we had a major issue with our e-mail server at our head office. The server completely failed and we were left with no capability to send or receive email – this was an extremely critical business service for us. 5 Rings collected the faulty server immediately and worked through the night to recover it – eventually cloning the server onto a new piece of hardware and getting us up and running with minimal downtime.”

Martin Beames, Partner, Wannop & Fox Solicitors LLP

The difference between Back-up and Disaster Recovery:

Back-ups are simply copies of individual files which, in the event of loss of data, offer access to copies of these files..

Disaster Recovery, on the other hand, is the term for a system which aids business continuity. It allows your business to keep operating in the event that your entire systems are compromised or stop working.

Most businesses will have a data back-up system of some sort but what would you do if, for example, your server failed? A Disaster Recovery solution from 5 Rings could have you back up and running in a matter of minutes (as opposed to days or weeks).

The benefit of our Disaster Recovery
  • Designed, managed and supported specifically for you
  • Peace of mind in the event of disaster
  • Maintain business as usual should the worst happen
  • Proactive, first class support from our experienced team
How we guard your digital assets:
  • Complete Disaster Recovery / Failover Solutions can include full on-site and off-site redundancy, ready to use if required.
  • Multiple/back-up internet connections give you peace of mind knowing that if your primary connection goes down, a back-up connection will be available
  • Cloud based telephone systems use the internet to make calls instead of the traditional telephone lines. This means that calls can be diverted to or made from any location in the event that, for example, you suffered a power loss or couldn’t access your office.
  • Website back-up and recovery services keep web sites live and businesses visible in the event of a malfunction.
Can I get your Disaster Recovery?

We provide a broad range of disaster recovery for a variety of sectors. We typically work with SMEs who are unsure about the quality of service they are receiving from their current provider or are keen to upgrade their systems.