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Your website is a shop window to the world

What would you do if your website went down? We understand how important your website is to your business and know how to support you to get the most out of your hosting package.

What type of hosting do we offer?

There are numerous types of website hosting packages out there. We will always work with you to understand your business needs and suggest the right hosting for you. We always ensure that your hosting package strikes the right balance between functionality and cost. We offer the following solutions.

Shared web hosting

Shared hosting means just that. Your website will be hosted on the same server as other websites. The advantage of this is that it is usually the lowest cost solution. It does have its drawbacks though, as your site could be sharing the same server with other websites that could affect your performance.

Shared Web hosting is usually best of new businesses, or smaller websites.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is a fairly new hosting technology. It harnesses the power of hundreds of individual servers working together to make one giant server. The idea is that as your website traffic grows, your server can expand to handle the increased volume. It’s great for large and growing businesses.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A Virtual Private Server is one physical server that acts like multiple, separate servers. Similar to shared hosting, your website will be placed on the same hardware as other websites but with a dedicated slice of computing power. This avoids the problem of other websites affecting your performance. This option is best for businesses who want control, but don’t have the budget for a dedicated Web Server.

Dedicated web server

A dedicated server is one or more physical servers entirely dedicated to your website. You can have full control over your server and no other website can affect your performance. This is usually the highest level of Website Hosting that a business would need, but it requires active management. It is therefore usually the highest cost.


Your website’s domain name is its home on the internet. It is the gateway for people to see your website. We’ve got a huge selection of domain names to choose from so you can find the right one for your business.

DNS management

Need to make changes to the DNS? No problem, we can do that for you.

What our clients say about us

“5 Rings have managed our outsourced IT for over five years. On a recent server migration project they helped us hugely to interpret the information from the third party software provider and made everything clear to us to make sure we understood the status and implications at all stages. Their ongoing support, advice and ‘demystification of IT’ is incredibly valuable and enables us to make the right decisions to progress our own development.”

Robert Norman, Director, Transair Flight Equipment

The benefit of our Website Hosting
  • Personalised support with unparalleled levels of customer service
  • One point of contact for all of your support
  • Proactive approach ensuring your systems keep pace with your needs
  • Extensive experience working with SMEs helping us to really understand your needs
  • Providing a range of first class support that seamlessly integrate into your business
  • Helping you design, manage and support the most cost effective solution for your business
Can I get your Website Hosting?

We provide a broad range of business broadband and Ethernet solutions for a variety of sectors. We typically work with SMEs who are unsure about the quality of service they are receiving from their current provider, looking to switch to cloud based telecoms or are keen to upgrade their system.