Access Control

Control who accesses your business premises

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Do you know who is accessing your business premises?

Access control allows you to control who has access to your premises. Our systems can operate doors, gates and barriers and are available in various applications including phone and video systems or computer operated systems controlled by magnetic cards or proximity readers.

How can access control work for you?

We get to know our customers so we can design and create a cost-effective solution that is unique to you. Why choose our access control solutions?

Bespoke solutions

There are three main types of access control system:

  • Standalone systems which are the simplest
  • PC-networked systems which allow access to be tailored for each individual and is controlled by relevant software
  • Door entry systems which enable entry for visitors

Each system can control who can access buildings and sites and specific areas can be set up to be accessed by selected people.

Advantages of access control

  • There is no need to create multiple sets of keys or have designated key holders
  • You don’t need to worry about your main entrance being left open
  • You can control who has access to selected areas
  • Protocols can determine when areas can be accessed or completely locked down
  • Fire registers can be easily generated using the information in the system
The benefit of using our Access Control solutions
  • Bespoke solutions designed specifically for you
  • Cost-effective solutions for your business
  • Control who can access your premises and when
  • Tailor access in different areas to selected people
Can I get your Access Control solutions?

We provide a broad range of access control solutions for a variety of sectors. We typically work with SMEs who are unsure about the quality of service they are receiving from their current provider or are keen to upgrade their systems.