Intruder Alarms

Cost-effective deterrents for your business

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Intruder Alarms are the best possible deterrent…

…But should be used in conjunction with other security systems. Unwanted visitors always take the path of less resistance. They’ll avoid commercial buildings with alarm systems that put them at risk of detection.

The advantages of our Intruder Alarm solutions

We get to know your business so we can design and create a cost-effective solution that is unique to you. Alarms can be connected to a monitoring service or be remotely monitored to ensure police are contacted in the event of activation. Our solutions include:

Approach Detection

It is important to be able to detect unwanted intruders before they enter the premises. We provide a wide range of outdoor detectors from wide to narrow coverage, standalone detectors, detectors specifically designed to integrate and enhance CCTV operations by triggering an alert.

Perimeter Security

We offer a range of detection technologies to protect a physical or virtual perimeter: Laser scanner enables detection of approaching threats within the outer perimeter. Fibre optic detection systems will identify any attempt to go through the perimeter line. Active beams will create an invisible line or wall protecting the physical or virtual perimeter line.


Electronic security is a considerably more effective deterrent to intruders and will also prevent inevitable theft, vandalism, espionage or other consequences. We provide highly effective options for detecting the presence of would-be intruders who have reached the walls of a building.


Early detection of threats on the roof can avoid forced access via vulnerable skylights and dropping down to upper-floor windows, as well as preventing damage to the roof itself. We provide protection for roof areas that can integrate with CCTV systems.

The benefit of using our Intruder Alarm solutions
  • Bespoke solutions designed specifically for you
  • Cost-effective solutions for your business
  • Integration with other security systems
Can I get your Intruder Alarm solutions?

We provide a broad range of intruder alarm solutions for a variety of sectors. We typically work with SMEs who are unsure about the quality of service they are receiving from their current provider or are keen to upgrade their systems.