Business Cloud CCTV Solutions - COVID19

Cost-effective CCTV so you can monitor your site remotely

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    Remotely protect your empty office, shop or premises 24/7 with rapid installation cloud based CCTV

    It is crucial to protect your premises right now, and doing so is not as difficult as you thought and importantly, doesn't require you to be onsite during install.

    The advantages of our Remote CCTV offering

    From wherever you are, Cloud based CCTV solutions from 5 Rings can let you know who is at or near your premises with motion detection triggers and live streaming.  This helps prevent incidents, deters criminals and helps protect your empty property.

    The benefit of using our Cloud CCTV solutions
    • Bespoke solutions designed specifically for you
    • Cost-effective solutions for your business
    • Installed without the need to have any of your staff onsite
    • Remote Access from anywhere
    • PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) cameras available
    • Wifi and 4G connectivity for cloud monitoring
    • Protect your site from wherever you are
    How do I get in touch about Cloud CCTV?

    Our sales and installation team are ready to take your call and discuss your solutions.  We can utilise Google Earth and Maps technology to review the external sites and offer advice and solutions bespoke to your individual sitaution.  Simply call our team today or complete the contact form below.