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Ensure employee attendance is accurately recorded

We deliver cost-effective time and attendance solutions that are tailored specifically for you. We offer a wide range of solutions including clocking terminals, web and phone systems.

Why you need our time and attendance solutions?

We get to know our customers so we can design and create a cost-effective solution that is unique to you and your business. The key benefits of our time and attendance systems are:

Ensure employees are fairly paid for the work they do

Our systems accurately record clocking data so employees get paid fairly. We can apply basic or complex pay rates, over and break rules. Our solutions keep track or absence and holidays and we offer biometric clocking to stop ‘buddy clocking’ and over time fraud.

Making HR easier

Our time and attendance systems can store and manage employee information in one secure place. View and manage contact details, pay, training information, licences, CVs and other documents. There's comprehensive holiday, lateness and sickness absence reporting and employees can book holidays, see timecards and rotas, (and clock in) online.

Variety of clocking options

We offer a range of clocking options:

  • Biometric fingerprint terminals
  • Hand scanning terminals
  • Facial recognition terminals
  • RFID clocking terminals for swipe card and fob clocking
  • Smartphone and web clocking
The benefit of using our Time and Attendance solutions
  • Bespoke solutions designed specifically for you
  • Cost-effective solutions for your business
  • Accurately record attendance, absence, overtime and holidays
Can I get your Time and Attendance solutions?

We provide a broad range time and attendance solutions for a variety of sectors. We typically work with SMEs who are unsure about the quality of service they are receiving from their current provider or are keen to upgrade their systems.