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The UK cloud adoption rate reached 88% in 2017…

And 67% expect to increase adoption in the coming years. Why is this important? Because as we add more and more cloud-based services to our workplace, the greater the demand will be on broadband connections. Therefore, if your broadband speeds don’t increase, the speed and responsiveness of these services will decrease. If systems and applications slow down, business productivity decreases and so does profits.

Good news! There’s never been a better time to upgrade your broadband

Thanks to the Government’s Gigabit Voucher Scheme and a significant drop in connectivity prices in the UK, there has never been a better time to upgrade your broadband.

There are two great options depending on the size of your business:

Larger SMEs – Gigabit Voucher Scheme

The Government’s Gigabit Voucher Scheme allows businesses to claim up to £3,000 against the cost of installing gigabit connections. Gigabit connections provide speeds up to 1,000 megabits per second, at the moment the UK has 95% coverage of broadband speeds up to 24 megabits per second. Businesses will still have to pay the ongoing rental which could range from £400 - £800 a month, which is why is this better for larger SMEs. See our Gigabit Voucher Scheme page for more details.

Smaller SMEs

The cost of a gigabit connection will probably outweigh the benefits, but now is a great time to upgrade your business broadband. That’s because the cost of connectivity has dropped significantly in the UK over the last few years. We’re currently able to offer many customers speeds of 100 megabits per second for the price of 50. That’s twice the speed for the same price, and prices could be as low as £245 per month.*

*prices corrected as of September 2018

What our clients say about us

“Our telecoms have been looked after by 5 Rings for 10 years and we were very used to working with Guy.  It was music to our ears when we heard that all the support staff were cross trained and could deal with any enquiry from any customer, as this was something we'd definitely come up against before with other providers. Now we know that if Guy isn't around, we need not panic as anyone can look up our service package and support us with any Telecoms or IT issue at any time.”

Matt Jacobs, Director, Jacobs Steel

The benefit of our business broadband upgrade service
  • We work extensively with SMEs so we understand your issues and needs
  • Our negotiating power means you get a great price on your broadband
  • We are registered Gigabit Voucher Scheme suppliers and can access for the scheme for you
  • We offer personalised support with unparalleled levels of customer service
  • You get one point of contact for all of your support
Can I upgrade my business broadband through you?

We typically work with SMEs who are looking to upgrade their systems or switch to cloud-based services. We’ll provide the same unparalleled level of customer service we provide all of our customers.