Set Yourself Up For Remote Working

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It may have escaped your attention, but the world is currently dealing with a health crisis in the form of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19. There is much uncertainty surrounding not only how widespread cases will be in the coming weeks and how this will impact all aspects of peoples life, least not the working week.

In this digitally-led age there are many companies that are not only set up to provide home-working for their employees but offer this as part of their working week. There are, however a number of business that don’t have this infrastructure in place even if their business services do not specifically require working in an office environment.

If this sounds like your business or the business you work for, what can you do? The last thing anyone wants currently is for business to shut down temporarily as the current climate escalates so remote working has become a big question for many.

At 5 Rings, we are asked a lot about remote working. All our team members are able to continue their work remotely if required and whilst it may take longer (one screen at home is slower than a multi-monitor setup in the office!) we assure our customers that we foresee no issues or interruptions in our high-level of service to all customers, whether they be IT, Telecoms, Digital Marketing, Energy or Security related.

Our cloud based phone, email and IT solutions can keep you and your staff working outside of the office should the need arise. We can solve these concerns and assist you with ensuring business continuity and forming a disaster recovery solution. These can be applied at any time staff are unable to be in the office, not just in the midst of a health crisis.

Speak to us today about how our IT and Telecom solutions can help your business continue.