windows7 updates

It’s too easy to leave your computer systems on old software versions

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It’s true, we all know someone who complains that the computers in their offices are “old”, “slow”, “rubbish”, that they are “still running windows 7”.  Out IT team have seen some recently still using XP – it’s not uncommon and people still get by (until something bad happens or it all suddenly stops!).

For some the computer isn’t used very much.
The software or system doesn’t need the latest windows or operating system to function.
The cost and time to upgrade was prohibitive last time they looked and surely must be now, right??

All those things could be true, but there is an inevitability.  You have to upgrade.  Your car will need replacing one day, so will your washing machine and your kettle.

But with business IT, systems and software you really should not put it off any longer.  We’re not saying you should be the first to leap, we are not saying you should always have the best and the latest gear.  But what you do need is equipment, systems and software that is supported by the manufacturers, still receives critical security updates and can be supported by your IT team or support provider.  A system and software portfolio that will not let you down when you need it the most.

Check out this article from zdnet about updates now being held off on some devices because of legacy issues. 

Not getting crucial updates can open up all sorts of vulnerabilities and place your data, your systems and your business at risk – these issues really can crop up from anywhere.

If you are unsure where to start with your upgrade program, are unsure if you need to upgrade but have a feeling you might then get in touch with our team today to discuss your IT infrastructure and see where 5 Rings IT Support Experts can help.

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